How Can a North Carolina Sex Crime Conviction Affect My Future?

Doug Edwards

Our Asheville defense lawyers at Edwards Law know that sex offenses carry more stigma than. Even if you are convicted of a sexual crime and have paid your debts to society via jail time and other post-release legal requirements the consequences still apply.

In North Carolina, having a sex crime conviction has many layers of ongoing penalties. These include consequences that have a lasting impact on your personal, professional and financial life.

Even if you are not convicted of sex crimes, our Buncombe County sex crime defense attorneys know that even a simple allegation can cause damage to your reputation. We are here to protect your reputation, freedom, future, and dignity.

Everything is at stake without our Asheville sex crime criminal defense attorneys – we have years of experience that has proven success in these complex cases.

What Impact Can a North Carolina Sex Offense Conviction on My Personal Life?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a sex-crime allegation or arrest is going to affect the home first. Although it is true that you are innocent until proven guilty by a court, the court of public opinion can view things very differently. Particularly if you’ve been charged with a sex offense.

Your friends and family may quickly abandon you if someone accuses you, or proves, that you have committed a sex offense. Even if there are a few people you have a good relationship with, you will see all the prejudices, biases, and intolerance before you ever step foot in a courtroom.

If you are convicted and have to register as a sexual offender, your friends, family, and community might view you as a threat or outcast upon your release. Remember that a conviction for sex crimes could also make it impossible to work with children, even in a personal capacity. There will be no more coaching or chaperoning on field trips.

If you have children, your ex-spouse or partner can use your sex registry requirement to deny custody. This is because they believe you are a danger to their children. The consequences can be severe and could have a negative impact on your standing in the community.

Anyone can find you once you’re on the sex crimes registry in North Carolina. All of your information is made public, including your name, address, crime and whereabouts. Privacy is not possible.

Can a Sex Crime Conviction Affect My Ability to Get a Job?

Absolutely. Before offering a job, many employers conduct background checks on candidates.

Your private information is made public if you are convicted for a sex offense. Potential employers may be unable to hire you if you are convicted of a sexual crime or have a felony conviction.

What Are the Financial Consequences of a North Carolina Crime Conviction?

If you are unable to work, you won’t be able make any money. This could mean that you might not be able afford to live alone. Even if you are able to find affordable housing, the property owners may run background checks on you and refuse to rent to you if there is a record of sex abuse.

You are wrong if you think that it is against the law.

Fair housing laws, including those in North Carolina, were created to stop discrimination against protected characteristics such as race, religion, gender, and familial status. They don’t protect against criminal backgrounds for sex crimes.

You cannot live in a certain radius of schools, parks, playgrounds or other places where minors are convicted of sex crimes. This could severely limit your housing options.

Are You Charged with a Sex Crime North Carolina?

Your reputation, freedom and future could be at risk if you are accused of a sexual crime in North Carolina. This is your life. Don’t leave it up to chance.

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