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Individuals, financial institutions, businesses, and their consultants are all bound by strict anti-money laundering statutes. In North Carolina, you can find yourself facing criminal proceedings for money laundering. Law enforcement personnel carry out investigations and search for different methods illegally acquired money can be placed (laundered) into a legal business.

If you’re an Asheville business owner facing charges of money laundering, or you are under investigation for said crime, it is integral that you enlist the services of an Asheville Money Laundering Lawyer right away.

Financial offenses are very complex, and defense attorneys need skill and experience to handle these cases. So if you’ve been charged or are being investigated for suspicion of money laundering and want to get a favorable case result, you’ll want to have a lawyer who can deal with the complexities of the case.

A skilled Asheville white-collar crime attorney at Edwards Law can help with your money laundering charge. Reach out to Edwards Law at (828) 702-8743 to arrange a no-cost consultation. Our experienced money laundering attorney will work diligently to have the criminal charges dismissed or reduced.

What Is Money Laundering?

Money laundering falls under the category of white-collar offenses. Money laundering occurs when an entity or person obtains money in unlawful dealings and works to conceal where the money originated from making it look like the financial transaction was legitimate.

Merely turning a profit from an unlawful action like selling stolen products doesn’t constitute money laundering. The individual must have intentionally taken steps to make it appear the money was acquired lawfully.

Money that has been laundered may have come from organized crime, drug-related crimes, bank or credit card fraud, mortgage fraud or securities fraud, identity theft, or various white-collar offenses. Money laundering is a serious federal financial crime with considerable penalties.

North Carolina has very stringent laws against money laundering. A conviction can carry stiff penalties depending on those involved, the duration of the crime, and the circumstances of the case.

If criminal money laundering charges have been brought against you, or you’re under investigation or are under suspicion, it would be in your interest to immediately reach out to a seasoned attorney. Edwards Law provides experienced counsel to clients facing money laundering charges in Asheville.

Stages of Money Laundering

The first stage of money laundering is known as placement. This is the initial action wherein the suspect unlawfully moves the cash. The second stage is called layering whereby the accused separates the cash from the illegitimate source. The whole reason for layering is to mask the real origins of the funds.

The last stage of money laundering is referred to as integration, whereby the accused utilize the laundered money disguised as legitimate cash. When it reaches this point, many individuals are in the dark as to where the money has come from and take it as legitimate.

Anti-Money Laundering Statutes

Supposed offenders of money laundering may see federal charges brought against them in lieu of or on top of state charges. The 1986 Money Laundering Control Act comprises two parts: 18 U.S.C. § 1956 and 18 U.S.C. § 1957.

Although the 18 U.S.C. § 1956 statute bars particular actions associated with stipulated illegal wrongdoings, 18 U.S.C. § 1957 bars intentionally participating or trying to participate in monetary dealings in property worth $10,000 or more acquired from stipulated illegal actions. The majority of federal money laundering cases are prosecuted following 18 U.S.C. § 1956.

Infringements of 18 U.S.C. § 1956 carry a punishment of up to 20 years in jail, and some violations are also subject to fines of up to $500,000 or double the value of monetary funds or equipment used in the transportation and transfer, whichever value is more. Also, offenders can also be subject to civil penalties of up to the greater value of the monetary instruments, funds, or property used in the dealings or $10,000.

Punishment for a Money Laundering Conviction

Money laundering is a federal crime that is classified as a felony. Although there are states that prosecute money laundering as a misdemeanor, North Carolina isn’t one of them and follows federal law. Punishment for money laundering at the federal level may include:

  • One year or more in jail for first offenders, with jail terms of up to 35 years for repeat criminals
  • A penalty of $500,000 or double the amount of funds laundered (whichever value is more)
  • 1-3 years serving probation

Every money laundering case is different. A federal money laundering sentence is contingent on various factors, including other associated offenses for which the offender has been accused, and the amount of cash involved.

Defending Against Money Laundering Charges

It’s integral that you have a solid defense strategy when facing a money laundering charge.

One potential defense our Asheville Money Laundering attorney may use is that you didn’t know that the money used was obtained from illegal actions. For a conviction to be made, the prosecutor must definitively show that the offender was aware of the illegal happenings and the source of money.

At times, we may be able to prove that the source of the cash was not obtained from illegal dealings, from where the money laundering charge will be dismissed. An adept attorney can review the financial transactions and use the information and evidence available to come up with a defense to prove your innocence and push for possible dismissal or reduction of the charges.

Call our Asheville Money Laundering lawyer to help formulate your defense strategy.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Our experienced money laundering lawyer will be by your side all through the criminal proceedings. We offer first-rate legal representation through the investigation and trial procedures, including:

  • Investigations
  • Confiscation proceedings
  • Restraint orders
  • Interviews with law enforcement
  • Case preparation
  • Plea bargains
  • Representing you in court

Our experienced Asheville criminal defense lawyer Doug Edwards will do a deep-delve into your financials and build a solid defense.

Call an Expert Asheville Money Laundering Lawyer Today!

Facing a money laundering charge can be detrimental to your reputation as a person or business, not to mention the possibility of going to jail. Edwards Law offers expert representation and support to individuals and businesses facing money laundering charges in Asheville, North Carolina.

To find out more about your legal options, call our law offices at Edwards Law at (828) 702-8743 to get a free of charge initial consultation today!

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