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North Carolina Crime Rate By City 2024 – Latest Statistics

Understanding the amount of crime in a particular region or neighborhood can be important, especially for people who are moving…

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Asheville Crime Rate and Statistics [2024 Updated]

The crime rate in Asheville, North Carolina, was twice the United States average in 2020 at 509. It was substantially…

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North Carolina Gun Laws 2024 Explained

If you own a gun, you know that the laws are constantly changing. As new legislation is made and takes…

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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer do in Asheville, NC?

Criminal defense lawyers defend clients who are accused of domestic violence, assault, abuse, traffic violations, and crimes involving drugs, white…

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6 Tips for Innocent Defendants Facing Criminal Charges in Asheville

Were you wrongfully charged for crimes you didn’t commit? It is a shocking fact that 1/10 Americans are currently in…

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