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In the American legal system, everyone has the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial. This is true no matter what the charges are for. To successfully navigate the realities of child pornography charges, one needs a comprehensive understanding of both the law and digital forensics. Within criminal defense law, these cases are extremely sensitive, requiring the deep legal knowledge and discretion of a qualified Asheville child pornography lawyer to solve.

At Edwards Law, PLLC, we provide competent and discreet defense for those who have been charged with child pornography offenses. We understand how the stress and stigma associated with these charges can be debilitating, but rest assured we handle all of our defense cases with the highest degree of confidentiality and respect for our clients. Contact us today and see why others have grown to trust our non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Asheville Child Pornography Lawyer

Understanding Your Rights and Legal Options for Child Pornography Charges in Asheville

Being accused of child pornography activity is an extremely challenging and sensitive situation that can leave clients feeling uncertain about their future and overwhelmed with legal battles. During this time, it’s important to have a firm understanding of all the legal rights and strategies available.

Here are some important items to understand.

Rights of the Accused

The first thing to keep in mind when being accused of a crime in America is that everyone has a set of rights granted to them just for being a citizen of the country. One of the most well-known is the right to remain silent. This helps to protect those who have been accused of crimes, like child porn, from self-incrimination. The right to an attorney connects well with the right to remain silent, as your legal professionals will guide the conversation throughout your entire case.

Explanation of Charges

Every crime encompasses a wide range of illegal activities that one could be accused of under both state and federal law. In the case of child pornography, this could include the creation, distribution, possession, or viewing of sexually explicit material that involves a minor. It’s important for those who have been accused of engaging in this behavior to fully understand the charges they face so they are able to defend themselves accordingly.

Pornography Defense Strategies

Anyone who faces child porn charges will need to have a solid defense strategy. Some commonly used defense positions in these cases include challenging the legality of how specific evidence was collected, disputing the intent of the defendant, or even questioning how accurate the prosecution’s evidence is. Because every case is unique, an attorney will scrutinize every single piece of evidence available to advance the most compelling defense strategy possible.

The Legal Process

The legal process in child pornography cases can be extremely intimidating, especially when a defendant starts the process by being arrested. After the charges have been formally presented, a pre-trial, potential formal trial, and sentencing will occur if convicted. Each stage of this process can be improved under the supervision of a defense attorney who is well-informed on these processes and will ensure their clients are prepared and informed at each step.

Importance of Skilled Representation

In today’s era of technology, child pornography cases have evolved. These cases can sometimes involve complex technical data, which requires a unique skill set on the part of a criminal defense attorney.

When your child pornography attorney understands the nature of digital forensics, online platforms, and different encryption technologies, their competency in technology can help them better spot flaws in the prosecution’s case against you. When this is not within an attorney’s skillset, certain weak spots can go unnoticed and lead their client to face penalties that are not proportionate to what they actually participated in.

FAQs About Asheville, NC Child Pornography Law

What Is the Most Common Form of Child Criminal Exploitation?

Producing, distributing, and possessing child pornography are the three most commonly seen forms of child criminal exploitation in Asheville, NC. This includes all photos and videos of any child engaged in sexually explicit conduct. These crimes have significantly risen over the last decade as the increase in internet usage and digital technologies has made it easier to share this type of material. It not only abuses minors but perpetuates the abuse to a larger market.

What Is the Anti-Child Pornography Act?

This is a piece of legislation designed to prevent illegal acts of sharing sexually explicit material involving children and deter the act from happening as much as possible. It also includes certain requirements for internet providers to report any suspected child porn to the authorities. Overall, it is the foundation of legislation that is aimed to protect children from being sexually exploited and abused.

What Does Exploitation of a Minor Mean?

When someone exploits a minor, it means they took advantage of a child for their own personal gain. In a child porn case, an individual is accused of taking advantage of a child’s rights, dignity, and well-being to interact with sexually explicit material. The “personal gains” could be a wide range of items, including financial benefits or personal gratification. The law offers harsh punishments if accused of this sex crime due to the lasting harm it causes to minors.

What Age Is a Child Considered to Be a Minor?

In North Carolina, a minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. This is aligned with the general legal standards applied throughout the United States. This is a critical law in the context of child pornography cases, as it distinguishes the difference between legal and illegal porn. Even if an individual is over the age of consent, which is 16 in North Carolina, any inappropriate photos or videos of them are still considered child porn.

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