Can a drug user be charged as a drug trafficker in North Carolina?

Doug Edwards

You may be charged with drug trafficking, which can lead to severe fines and prison time. This could put a serious damper on your ability to get ahead in life.

Many people face drug trafficking charges unnecessarily due to addiction problems that make their personal use a high-level crime.

North Carolina drug law states that a person is guilty of a drug trafficking crime if he or she either manufactures or delivers, transports, or possesses a controlled substance.

Although the amount of controlled substances is often the deciding factor in a person’s case, it is usually the drug users who are charged at the bottom of an operation.

Their futures could be in jeopardy if the controlled substance they have in their possession is heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines.

What Controlled Substances and Weights May Lead to Drug Trafficking Charges in North Carolina?

North Carolina drug trafficking cases can impact the legal solutions that are required to resolve your case.

According to the NC law and penalties, person must have a minimum amount of controlled substances to be charged with drug trafficking.

  • 100 units LSD
  • 28 grams MDPV
  • 28 grams of cocaine
  • 10 pounds of cannabis
  • 28 grams Mephedrone
  • 28 grams of amphetamine
  • 4 grams of heroin or opium
  • 28 grams methamphetamine
  • 1,000 units methaqualone
  • 100 units of MDA/MDMA or 499g
  • 50 dose units of synthetic cannabinoids

Even if you have been a drug user and are now caught in life-altering circumstances that involve trafficking, you will not be able to access any drug diversion or intervention programs that might have been available to you for a possession offense.

Your future and freedom will be at stake if you are arrested, charged, or prosecuted.

We can help.

Edwards Law has helped clients reduce or eliminate penalties for all drug charges including drug trafficking and federal drug charges.

Doug Edwards, the lead lawyer, is a former prosecutor. He has extensive knowledge of how to prepare a defense. This includes using his inside information to anticipate prosecution cases and devise aggressive defense strategies to defend our clients’ serious drug trafficking offenses.

Are You Charged for Drug Trafficking out Of Your Drug Addictions?

The prosecutor’s office might use this opportunity to make an example of you if you are charged in North Carolina with a crime related to a drug addiction. Don’t let them.

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