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Being charged with a crime can be scary, especially if it is the first time. It is important to understand your rights and options throughout this process to increase your chances of a lower sentence or prison time. For assistance in determining your next steps after a drug charge, contact an Arden drug crime lawyer to help fight for your rights. Seeking legal counsel brings more support to your case, so you don’t have to go through it alone.

Arden Drug Crime Lawyer

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The attorneys at Edwards Law, PLLC, have over ten years of experience serving clients in the West North Carolina area for a range of issues, including DWIs, drug crimes, and license defense. This experience has allowed them to get to know important people in the legal system as well as the criminal trial process in the area. Work with a local attorney you can trust by contacting Edwards Law, PLLC, today.

Drug Crimes

There are two main types of drug crimes: drug possession and drug trafficking. Drug possession is used when an individual has a certain amount of a drug in their possession. While drug trafficking is typically thought of as attempting to sell drugs, it also applies to simply possessing drugs in greater amounts. The exact penalties for each crime highly depend on the drug in question and the amount that was possessed.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Most drug charges are considered felonies. Having a felony on your record limits your ability to find employment, apply for housing and schooling, and prevents you from voting. It also prevents you from owning firearms. Working with an attorney can improve your odds of either reducing the charges or eliminating them altogether. Don’t take a chance on such an important decision that can greatly affect your life.

Potential Defenses for Drug Crimes

An attorney can create a solid legal strategy to help you avoid the negative consequences of a drug charge. Some of these defenses include:

  • Issues With a Search: Just because law enforcement searches your property does not mean that they were legally authorized to do it. They must have a search warrant that was granted due to having probable cause that a crime was committed. If a search warrant is not obtained properly, it is possible that the evidence found in the search will not be able to be used in your case, which can increase the odds of success.
  • Intimidation: In a similar vein, law enforcement is also not allowed to obtain any evidence when you are under duress. If this can be proven, then the evidence gathered while you were coerced might not be able to be used.This also applies to situations where you were not told all of your rights by the police before they engaged in a search or arrested you.
  • Unaware: It is the job of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person with the drug charges was aware that the drugs were in their possession. If they are not able to do this, then the case might be ruled in the defendant’s favor. This might apply if you were in another person’s vehicle, could not access the drugs directly, or if there were others associated with the incident.
  • Minimum Requirements Are Unmet: There are exact amounts of drugs that must be found on a person in order to charge them with drug possession or drug trafficking. If law enforcement did not seize enough of these drugs to meet these requirements, then it might not be able to be proven that the defendant had that amount of drugs in the first place.

An attorney can help gather evidence to prove that the case was not performed correctly. They can also attempt to reduce the sentencing or even dismiss the charges completely, depending on the situation. This is why it is so important to talk with a criminal defense lawyer about your case before speaking to law enforcement.


Q: Do First-Time Drug Offenders Go to Jail in NC?

A: For a first-time drug offense in Arden, the type of drug, type of charge, and amount of the drug possessed have a large impact on whether or not the defendant can go to jail and for how long. Less dangerous drugs possessed in smaller quantities usually result in lower times in prison and sometimes even a misdemeanor charge. If the offender does not have any other convictions, they might be able to avoid prison through conditional discharge.

Q: What Is the Law on Drug Possession in NC?

A: Drug possession in Arden is a crime, but possession often comes with lighter sentences than trafficking. In some instances, possession of less harmful drugs like marijuana can result in a misdemeanor, whereas possession of most drugs usually results in some form of felony. The amount of a drug a person can carry on them in order to be charged with drug possession usually depends on the drug, and the amounts are typically lower than in trafficking charges.

Q: What Is the Mandatory Drug Sentencing in NC?

A: Possessing or trafficking large amounts of drugs in Arden can result in a mandatory minimum sentencing. For trafficking drugs like marijuana or cocaine, excessive amounts can result in an automatic prison sentence of 175 months, with the time increasing depending on the danger of the drug. More dangerous drugs like opiates and methamphetamines can result in mandatory 225-month prison sentences.

Q: How Much Time Do You Get for Trafficking Drugs in NC?

A: The punishment someone receives for drug trafficking depends on the type of drug they are charged with trafficking, though a drug trafficking offense usually qualifies as a felony. More severe drugs like methamphetamine and opiates carry longer sentences ranging from 70-225 months in prison. Other drugs like marijuana and cocaine carry a range of 25-175 months in prison, depending on the quantity of the drug the defendant allegedly had.

Drug Charges Defense NC

Working with an Arden drug charge attorney can provide you with a reliable partner to help you in your case. Edwards Law, PLLC’s experienced legal team can help you navigate the process and provide guidance. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your unique situation.

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