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Your dedication and hard work have finally paid off after many years in school studying business, medicine, law, or any other prestigious educational program. You have passed all your accreditation tests and acquired all the necessary professional licenses to work in your field of specialization. Unfortunately, you have found yourself in a predicament and are now under investigation for a crime or professional misconduct. This can tarnish your reputation, career, and your life in general.

If you are under investigation and your professional license is under threat of being suspended or revoked, you will want to contact an Arden professional license defense attorney immediately. Working with an experienced lawyer could be the difference between you permanently losing your professional license or the charges being dropped and you going back to doing the work you were trained to do.

At Doug Edwards Law, we are committed to defending clients who are in danger of losing their professional licenses. We handle all our cases with utmost care and professionalism. Our lawyers work with all manner of professionals in Arden, NC including accountants, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, attorneys, and many others.

If you are looking for a competent and experienced professional license defense attorney in Arden, NC, look no further than Doug Edwards Law! Call our criminal defense team at (828) 702-8743 for a free consultation.

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Process of Complaints and Investigation By Professional Licensing Boards

There are dozens of professional licensing boards that are mandated to regulate various industries in each state. For instance, the North Carolina State Bar regulates attorneys and the North Carolina Medical Board regulates doctors. These professional licensing boards are tasked with creating and enforcing their own set of guidelines and rules.

Each professional licensing board has specific rules regarding professional licensing in the state, like criteria for obtaining a license, requirements for continuous training and education, procedures for resolving disputes, and guidelines about disciplinary actions that can be taken against a licensed professional.

When a complaint is filed against a licensed professional with a professional license board, the body must investigate the claims. A complaint and the consequent investigation can put the professional’s job and career at risk. Licensing boards have the power to punish licensed professionals who they find in breach of their rules and guidelines.

A professional license defense attorney works to defend the licensed professional under investigation to protect their license from being suspended or revoked due to allegations of malfeasance or misconduct. A professional license defense lawyer also helps with issues related to reinstating and renewing a suspended or revoked license.

It’s important to contact a professional license defense attorney as soon as you are notified of any complaint filed with your professional license board.

Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License

When applying for a professional license, most licensing boards will check whether you have a criminal history. If you have been previously convicted of a crime, you are required to indicate so on your application. You may be asked to appear before the board to discuss your application and the underlying conviction(s).

If you have been previously convicted of a felony, the board may deny you a license depending on the severity of the crime, the connection between the crime and your line of work, and the risk of harming the general public. Furthermore, the board may consider the length of the time that has passed since you were convicted as well as any proof of rehabilitation that you may provide. However, a felony conviction does not automatically disqualify you from getting a professional license.

With that said, your personal history and unique circumstances from the time you were convicted are all put into consideration by the relevant licensing board when vetting your application. An articulate and thorough explanation could mean the difference could be the difference between your application being approved or denied.

If you planning to apply for a professional license in Arden, NC, and are concerned with how your criminal history may impact the process, the help of a professional license defense lawyer can help you safeguard your professional career. Contact Doug Edwards Law on (828) 702-8743 to get more information on what it takes to qualify for a professional license in Arden, NC.

Activities That Put Your Professional License at Risk

Various activities may put a professional at risk of losing their license. Most of these activities involve professional misconduct that involves a patient, client, or co-worker. Other activities involve white-collar crimes like embezzlement or fraud. All of these activities can put your career in jeopardy especially if a formal complaint is made against you to the relevant professional licensing board.

Some of the activities that can put your professional license at risk include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Prescribing Narcotics Illegally
  • Physical Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Theft
  • Medical Insurance Fraud
  • Fraud
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Being found in possession of controlled substances
  • Practicing under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Practicing under the influence of alcohol

How Can an Attorney Help You Defend Your License?

An Arden professional license defense attorney will help to protect your professional license when facing complaints, investigations, and other issues that put your ability to practice at risk. A trained lawyer is the best person to handle matters related to ethics concerns, grievance complaints, administrative law, and other vital aspects of professional licensing.

It’s worth noting that administrative law is a highly specialized and complex field of law. It mostly covers laws that govern the regulation and administration of government agencies. Professional license defense attorneys specialize in administrative law because professional licensing boards are essentially government or state agencies.

With that said, you need a competent attorney by your side to help protect both your professional license and your legal rights as an individual. Because laws vary from state to state, you need to hire a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who knows and understands the laws that govern professional licensing in the state of North Carolina.

Your professional license defense lawyer will help throughout all stages of the investigation including:

  • Pre-Hearing Stage
  • Formal Administrative Law Hearing
  • Negotiation Stage
  • Settlement Stage

We walk with you and hold your hand throughout the entire defense process so as to ensure that you don’t face any unnecessary distress or harassment from malicious individuals. We know that being a trained and certified professional requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and no one should be made to lose their license in an unfair or unjust manner.

Professionals We Help

Our Arden professional license defense attorneys at Doug Edwards Law are prepared to defend clients against all allegations of ethics violations, professional misconduct, professional incompetence, and breach of fiduciary duty.

We represent the following professionals:


The North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners monitors the accounting services offered by licensed accountants for professional and ethical violations. According to their rules, an accountant may face disciplinary action for things like gross negligence, dishonesty, fraud, and violating the rules of professional conduct.

At Doug Edwards Law, our experienced Arden accounting license defense lawyers understand the intricacies of license defense law. We have helped many clients avoid paying fines, losing their licenses, or facing other harsh disciplinary actions.


We have extensive experience representing doctors in licensing issues in the state of North Carolina. Our Arden medical license defense lawyers have successfully represented numerous doctors in various cases involving claims of medical malpractice or professional misconduct.

We are especially qualified in defending our clients in cases that involve alcohol and drug dependency. We also defend physicians facing allegations of sexual misconduct, documentation of records, inadequate maintenance, non-therapeutic prescribing as well as standard of care allegations.


It can be worrisome and stressful when a North Carolina dentist, dental tech, or dental hygienist faces license suspension, investigation, or revocation. After all, an investigation, license suspension, or revocation could jeopardize your ability to earn a living.

Our dental license defense attorneys can help protect your license if you have received a complaint, are under investigation, or are facing disciplinary action from the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners.


Lawyers are the wheels that make sure that the legal and justice system continues to function smoothly. Without proper legal representation, many lawyers would face unnecessary persecution and unjust treatment. Despite your dedication, other people may misinterpret the facts and put you and your career in jeopardy.

At Doug Edwards Law, we are not afraid to represent our fellow attorneys when they face disciplinary action from the North Carolina State Bar. We know that the threat of being disbarred puts both you and your family in a tough position. If you are looking for a competent law license defense attorney, look no further than Doug Edwards Law.


Nurses spend long hours helping other people, so it is only fair that we are there for them when they face unfair complaints and allegations that prevent them from continuing with their crucial work. Our law firm understands what it takes to beat any professional misconduct charges you may be facing as a nurse.

We can help you with various aspects of your nursing license defense including peer review actions, standard or car, criminal conduct proceedings, chemical dependency, and the overall disciplinary process with the Board of Nursing.


The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy strictly disciplines pharmacists for violating rules related to prescription drugs or other misconduct. There are numerous harsh consequences that can result from a pharmacy board investigation such as probation, administrative penalties, and revocation of your operating licensing.

At Doug Edwards Law, we have the necessary experience and expertise to handle a wide range of pharmacist license defense cases. If you are at risk of losing your professional license and are concerned about the consequences this may have on your job and career, give us a call now and we will advise you accordingly.


Being an agriculturally rich state, the health of livestock and animals is of great importance in North Carolina. North Carolina treats complaints against licensed veterinary professionals very seriously.

You need an experienced lawyer to protect your veterinary license if you are facing a complaint, an investigation, or possible disciplinary action by the Board of Veterinary Medicine. Get in touch with the experienced veterinary license defense lawyers at Doug Edwards Law today.

Contact an Arden Professional License Defense Attorney Today!

Our team at Doug Edwards Law fights to help professionals keep their licenses when those licenses are under threat of suspension or revocation by a professional licensing board. Our team of highly-trained and experienced lawyers has successfully assisted hundreds of clients in resolving a wide variety of sophisticated legal matters concerning their professional licenses.

We know how to carefully look into the complaint, collect relevant evidence, question witnesses and come up with a solid defense against all allegations of white-collar crime or professional misconduct.

Doug Edwards Law represents licensed professionals from Arden and all across the state of North Carolina. Our experienced and honest lawyers will work tirelessly on behalf of your professional reputation and license.

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