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When you have been accused of driving drunk or high on a North Carolina roadway, your freedom, future, reputation, and financial stability are all suddenly at risk. Law enforcement and prosecutors pursue these charges vigorously in the name of public safety, but a Weaverville, NC, DUI lawyer from Edwards Law, PLLC, can help you even the odds.

With a comprehensive knowledge of North Carolina law and a toolkit of cutting-edge legal strategies, we help clients mitigate the consequences of even the most serious DWI cases.

The specific laws regarding driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) can vary quite a bit from state to state. In North Carolina, the charge is officially known as a DWI (rather than a DUI), and North Carolinian drunk drivers are subject to some of the harshest penalties in the nation.

At Edwards Law, PLLC, we understand the complexities and nuances of North Carolina’s DWI codes, as well as the various criminal and traffic law concepts that come into play in DWI cases. No matter how complex or unusual your DWI case is, our legal team is prepared to work tirelessly to defend your rights and steer your case to the greatest possible outcome.

Weaverville, NC DUI Lawyer

Beating a Weaverville, NC DUI/DWI Case

Facing a DWI charge in North Carolina is a daunting and stressful experience, but there are many possible angles to take when defending yourself against such allegations. From challenging weak evidence to negotiating fair plea deals, we can explore every strategy available to find the one that works for your unique circumstances.

Building a DWI defense often begins with a thorough analysis of the traffic stop that led to the arrest. If we can identify procedural errors on the part of the police or violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights, it may be possible to have the case dropped on a technicality. In the optimal scenario, this can mean winning your case without ever needing to defend yourself against the actual DWI charges.

Some potential strategies for beating or mitigating a DWI charge in Weaverville, NC, include:

  • Challenging Probable Cause – If the officer who initiated your DWI arrest did not have a legitimate legal reason to pull you over in the first place, the arrest (and subsequent charges) could be deemed illegal, regardless of the prosecution’s evidence.
  • Disputing Breathalyzer Accuracy – A breathalyzer can be subject to error, failure, and miscalibration. Improper maintenance or recordkeeping of breathalyzer equipment can call the reliability of test results into question.
  • Questioning Field Sobriety Tests – Not every DWI allegation involves alcohol, so naturally, not every DWI case will hinge on a breathalyzer. Sometimes, other forms of field sobriety tests are used by the police, and these, too, can be called into question by a skilled defense attorney. Weather conditions, physical ailments, mental health factors, and even the time of day can all play a significant role in generating false positives for various types of field sobriety exams.
  • Identifying Constitutional Violations – Even if a motorist is clearly drunk and in violation of the law, they still have rights as a citizen that must be upheld throughout all phases of the criminal justice process.
    If police, jail personnel, or court officials violated any of your constitutional rights during a traffic stop, arrest, chemical testing, questioning, or any subsequent proceedings, we can file motions to suppress the illegally obtained evidence or have the charges dismissed entirely.
  • Negotiating Plea Bargains – In certain cases, where the evidence against a defendant is clear and compelling, it could be beneficial to take responsibility and negotiate a mutually beneficial plea deal. Atty. Doug Edwards, with his team, can offer informed advice on how you should plead, but in the end, he respects that this is your decision. Our team is prepared to tirelessly fight charges in court if you do not wish to pursue a plea deal.

FAQs About Weaverville, NC DUI Law

How Much Is a DUI Lawyer in NC?

The cost of a DUI lawyer in NC will vary from situation to situation, depending on a variety of key factors. These factors include the complexity of your case (i.e., how long it will take to work its way through the court system), the quality and reputation of your attorney, and the market conditions for legal services in your city. At Edwards Law, PLLC, we strive to be accessible to North Carolinians when they need us most and accomplish this with clear billing policies and fair pricing.

Should I Get a Lawyer for DUI in NC?

You should get a lawyer for a DUI case in NC if you wish to fight the charges against you, want to effectively negotiate a better plea deal, or have other concerns about the proceedings to come. Parties accused of crimes in Weaverville, North Carolina, do have the right to represent themselves, but privately hiring a reputable and proven defense attorney represents your greatest chance of getting DUI charges reduced or dropped.

How Do You Get a DUI Dismissed in NC?

You get a DUI dismissed in NC by presenting compelling evidence that either causes significant doubt about your commission of a crime or brings into question the legality of the arrest. Potential reasons for dismissal of a DWI charge in NC include faulty breathalyzer equipment or an arresting officer violating your constitutional rights.

How Do You Beat a DUI in NC?

You beat a DUI in NC by presenting better evidence and arguments than the prosecution. It’s important to understand that “beating” a DWI in North Carolina can mean very different things under different circumstances.

Some defendants will seek to have charges dropped entirely, while others will fight for a jury verdict, and still others are merely hoping to make the optimal deal in exchange for a guilty or no-contest plea. Your attorney can help you understand which path is most viable in your case.

Edwards Law, PLLC – Your Trusted DWI/DUI Defense Team for Weaverville, NC

If you’re facing DWI charges in North Carolina, please contact us at your earliest convenience for legal assistance. The process begins with a confidential, judgment-free, and no-cost evaluation of your case.

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