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Facing criminal charges can be detrimental to your day-to-day life, tarnish your reputation, and even threaten your life. When dealing with criminal charges, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can work toward preparing your case and helping you feel more at ease. If you are facing criminal charges in Weaverville, reach out to a Weaverville criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can.

At Edwards Law, PLLC, we understand how devastating facing criminal charges can be. We can work to defend you and provide you with strategic, compassionate legal representation.

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What Do You Do If You Are Arrested in North Carolina?

If you are arrested in Weaverville, NC on criminal charges, you need to take certain steps to protect your rights. While it may be hard to focus on all of these steps in the moment, try to stay calm and vigilant:

  • Do Not Panic: When law enforcement officers arrive to take you into custody, do not panic. Stay as calm as you can, listen to everything the officers tell you to, and stay quiet. Invoke your right to remain silent, even if the officers ask you to speak.
  • Do Not Resist Arrest: Resisting arrest, regardless of whether or not you committed the crime, only makes things worse and adds more charges to your case. Instead of incurring additional penalties, fight your charges later with a lawyer’s help.
  • Contact a Lawyer: As soon as you are arrested, demand a lawyer. You have a constitutional right to legal counsel, and law enforcement cannot legally deny you that right. Say nothing until your lawyer arrives. This could prevent you from being interrogated without your lawyer present.
  • Be Respectful but Insistent: Being confrontational to the police, as much as you may want to, will not help your situation. It will only create more tension between yourself and the police. Attempt to act polite and respectful, but do not answer any questions you do not want to, and consult your attorney before answering anything.
  • Remember Details: Try to focus on the details of your arrest and attempt to recall every moment from the start of the arrest to where you are now. Write down everything when you have the opportunity. You may need to recall this information later in court, as these details could be important in the long run. Write down the arresting officers’ names and badge numbers if you can do so.
  • Remember Deadlines: After you are arrested, a hearing will be scheduled in which the charges will be read to you, and your bail will be set. Future court dates will be scheduled, and you’ll need to be sure to remember those court dates. Your lawyer will help you keep track of any important dates.
  • Listen to Your Lawyer: You may feel a need to handle this situation alone, but that is not a wise idea. Retaining a lawyer who knows the complexities of criminal law can only help your case. Your lawyer can provide you with advice, prepare your defense, and investigate your case. Listen to them and be honest with them, as you have attorney-client privilege.

FAQs for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Q: What Is the Relationship Between Prosecution and Defense?

A: The relationship between prosecution and defense in a courtroom is fairly straightforward. The prosecution’s job is to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and the defense’s job is to prove the defendant is not guilty. Both are necessary to a criminal case such as DUI/DWI case, theft, assault or other violent crimes. The defense provides arguments and evidence in the defendant’s favor, and the prosecution attempts to undermine that evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt.

Q: Can I Get My Gun Rights Back After a Felony Charge?

A: Yes, there are two possible ways you can get your gun rights back after being charged with a felony in North Carolina. The first is to try to have your felony expunged from your record. Not every felony charge is expungable, so this may be difficult. The other way is to petition the court directly to give you back your firearm rights. For this to happen, your citizenship rights must have been consistent for twenty years, and your felony charge must be nonviolent.

Q: Do Defense Attorneys Defend People They Know Are Guilty?

A: Defense attorneys can defend people they know are guilty. The U.S. Constitution grants every American citizen the right to legal counsel and due process. In addition, every lawyer must work as hard as possible to defend their client, regardless of guilt or innocence. Some defense attorneys may know their client’s guilt or innocence.

Regardless, they must represent them in court and do what they can to win their case. If a lawyer is uncomfortable with their client’s assumed guilt, they can request to be withdrawn as counsel.

Q: Should You Admit Guilt to Your Defense Attorney?

A: Yes, you should admit guilt to your defense attorney if you are indeed guilty of the crime for which you are charged. Anything you say to your attorney is privileged and protected. More so, your attorney cannot represent you adequately if they do not have all the necessary facts of the case. Even if you committed the crime, you still may not be guilty to the fullest extent of the law. Your lawyer can determine an optimal defense, but only if they know the entire story.

Reach Out to a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Being charged with a crime does not mean that you will be convicted, although it may feel like that at times. You may feel a profound sense of isolation, fear, and guilt. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can alleviate those emotions and help you feel some peace of mind as you build your defense. The legal team at Edwards Law, PLLC, understands what you are going through, and we are here to help.

Together, we can help you overcome your criminal charges. Contact us to schedule a consultation as soon as you can so that you can weigh your options, discuss your case, and decide what next steps to take.

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