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Allegations regarding a professional license are severe. Many North Carolina residents rely on professional licenses to support their daily lives and their families. Your job, reputation, and financial security could all be at risk if you’re accused of a crime or professional misconduct. Even if an accusation is untrue, it could still have a significant negative impact on your career.

The dedicated attorneys at Doug Edwards Law know the value of our clients’ professional licenses to their employment. It’s critical to act quickly when you’re facing a complaint or under investigation by a professional licensing board.

Doug Edwards Law has knowledgeable Fletcher professional license defense attorneys who can assist you in defending your professional license and preventing any additional issues that might result from the complaints. We defend all sorts of licensed professionals, including doctors, nurses, accountants, and more.

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General Process of Complaints and Investigation By Professional Licensing Boards in North Carolina

Below is a general overview of how professional licensing boards handle complaints and investigations.

Initial Response to the Complaint

You will be compelled to respond in some way when the agency or Board receives and evaluates the complaint. The answer is typically provided in writing, but some boards may collect material through investigator-led interviews with you and others.

Informal Conference/Interview/Meeting

Many agencies plan an informal meeting to discuss issues where they might take action against you after evaluating your written response and possibly conducting an additional investigation. This meeting frequently includes at least one representative from the licensing Board or agency and staff personnel from the agency. You are free to bring counsel to these informal meetings.

Probable Cause Review

The licensing board or agency decides if there is reason to believe that a violation of the relevant standards, laws, or rules has occurred. A formal hearing or suggested disciplinary action may follow from this. Almost all boards and agencies do not allow you or your attorney to be present during this time.

Formal Disciplinary Proceedings

This entails attending a formal hearing in front of the licensing Board, the appropriate agency, or an administrative law judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings. The formal hearing often contains all the same components and aspects as a civil trial but without a jury. The licensing board or agency makes a decision, or an ALJ makes a recommendation to the licensing entity without a resolution by consent order.

Potential Appeal to a Superior Court or Appellate Courts

In general, requests are allowed, but there are few grounds for doing so. It is not a new court trial. Instead, the appeal is based on the administrative record. The courts often won’t overturn or alter an agency decision unless they discover that a licensed professional’s significant rights may have been harmed for several reasons.

If you’re under investigation, seek an experienced local professional license defense lawyer near you before meeting with the investigator. You won’t self-incriminate if you hire an excellent Fletcher professional license defense lawyer before or during the investigation.

Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License

In North Carolina, licenses are necessary for various occupations and businesses. North Carolina licensing boards govern different professions. Depending on your profession and other unique aspects of your situation, a single arrest or conviction could permanently cost you your professional license.

When applying for a professional license, most licensing boards will check whether you have a criminal history. If you have been previously convicted of a crime, you must indicate so on your application. You may be asked to appear before the board to discuss your application and the conviction(s).

The board may deny you a license depending on the severity of the crime, the connection between the crime and your line of work, and the risk of harming the general public. You may be prevented from practicing your profession in other states without disclosing previous criminal convictions and license disciplinary actions.

Potential Licensing Board Penalties

North Carolina licensing boards have several options for punishing professionals for a criminal conviction or for professional misconduct. Punishment may be given out depending on the position and the offense. The following are a few examples of the sanctions the licensing board may impose:

  • License suspension or revocation
  • A warning letter
  • Citation
  • Fines
  • Diversion program
  • Assistance and instruction for drug users
  • Alcohol or drugs test
  • Probation

What Activities Put Your Professional License at Risk?

Your license could be suspended or revoked for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • White-collar crimes
  • DUI or other criminal convictions
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Failing a drug test or being found with a controlled substance
  • Performing unauthorized services
  • Breach of confidentiality of Patient or Client
  • Discrimination against clients based on religion, race, gender, etc.
  • Aiding or permitting unlicensed persons to perform duties requiring a license
  • Engaging in activities of gross negligence and incompetence on multiple occasions
  • Incompetence or negligence

Even if you believe the misconduct allegation against you is untrue, you should retain a skilled Fletcher professional license defense attorney from Doug Edwards Law to review your case.

You shouldn’t wait to be summoned before a North Carolina licensing board or an administrative law judge to fully comprehend what is at stake. You need a licensure attorney on your side to protect your future and give you peace of mind by informing you of the process in advance so as to not harm your career and reputation.

Since professional license defense is a complex subject, be sure you’re following the proper procedures to prevent errors that could result in your license being suspended. Hire Fletcher professional license defense lawyers from Doug Edwards Law with experience handling license cases in North Carolina if you want to maintain your professional license.

How Can a Fletcher Professional License Defense Attorney Help Me Defend My License?

Doug Edwards Law supports you in every step of your professional license case. We will assist you in every circumstance surrounding your license. We will defend your rights if you risk losing your license due to a criminal charge, a claim of professional misconduct, a charge of unethical behavior, or an investigation.

Our Fletcher professional license defense attorneys can help you with a variety of licensing issues including investigations, applications for your professional license, petitions for modification or reinstatement of a professional license, representation in administrative hearings, and appeals.

Call us at (828) 702-8743 to speak with an experienced attorney at Doug Edwards Law about how to safeguard your professional interests.

We have represented clients throughout North Carolina before different licensing boards including but not limited to:

Professionals We Help

Doug Edwards Law thoroughly represents professionals before North Carolina state agencies. We support our clients as they go through the disciplinary procedure and develop a strategy for their defense, which may call for additional credentials, education, or therapy if necessary.


The North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners monitors the accounting services offered by licensed accountants for professional and ethical violations. According to their rules, an accountant may face disciplinary action for things like gross negligence, dishonesty, fraud, and violating the rules of professional conduct.

At Doug Edwards Law, our experienced accounting license defense lawyers understand the intricacies of license defense law. We have helped many clients avoid paying fines, losing their licenses, or facing other harsh disciplinary actions.


We have extensive experience representing doctors in licensing issues in the state of North Carolina. Our medical license defense lawyers have successfully represented numerous doctors before the Board of Medicine.

We are especially qualified in defending our clients in cases that involve alcohol and drug dependency. We also defend physicians facing allegations of sexual misconduct, non-therapeutic prescribing, and standard of care complaints.


It can be worrisome and stressful when a North Carolina dentist, dental tech, or dental hygienist faces license suspension, investigation, or revocation. After all, an investigation, license suspension, or revocation could jeopardize your ability to earn a living.

Our dental license defense attorneys can help protect your license if you have received a complaint, are under investigation, or are facing disciplinary action from the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners.


At Doug Edwards Law, we are not afraid to represent our fellow attorneys when they face disciplinary action from the North Carolina State Bar. We know that the threat of being disbarred puts both you and your family in a tough position. If you are looking for a competent law license defense attorney, look no further than Doug Edwards Law.


Nurses spend long hours helping other people, so it is only fair that we are there for them when they face unfair complaints and allegations that prevent them from continuing with their crucial work. Our law firm understands what it takes to beat any professional misconduct charges you may be facing as a nurse.

We can help you with various aspects of your nursing license defense including peer review actions, standard or car, criminal conduct proceedings, chemical dependency, and the overall disciplinary process.


There are numerous harsh consequences that can result from a pharmacy board investigation such as probation, administrative penalties, and revocation of your operating licensing.

At Doug Edwards Law, we have the necessary experience and expertise to handle a wide range of pharmacist license defense cases. If you are at risk of losing your professional license and are concerned about the consequences this may have on your job and career, give us a call now and we will advise you accordingly.


Being an agriculturally rich state, the health of livestock and animals is of great importance in North Carolina. North Carolina treats complaints against licensed veterinary professionals very seriously.

You need an experienced lawyer to protect your veterinary license if you are facing a complaint, an investigation, or possible disciplinary action by the Board of Veterinary Medicine. Get in touch with the experienced veterinary license defense lawyers at Doug Edwards Law today.

Get Help From Experienced Professional License Defense Lawyers in Fletcher, NC!

Protecting your license is critical for your career and future. Our law firm is committed to defending licensed professionals from allegations of misconduct.

When you find yourself facing anything an investigation by the professional board, fighting for initial licensing or license renewal, or defending your license against a complaint, working with a lawyer can make all the difference in your case.

Please make an appointment with Doug Edwards Law immediately to discuss your crucial legal issues with our Fletcher professional license defense attorneys. Call us at (828) 702-8743 to arrange the first meeting with us and benefit from our free case review and consultation.

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