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Most DWI cases in North Carolina end up as misdemeanors, and the offenders often serve one day of community service. The crime can sometimes escalate to the point of a felony, and when it does, it puts the accused at risk of serious jail time and a major black mark on their record. You need to contact an experienced Burnsville, NC, felony DWI lawyer and law firm to handle your case.

Edwards Law, PLLC, has experience with many DWI cases and can handle any felony DWI case that comes through its doors. The firm can fight to achieve the most beneficial outcome for its clients and ensure the defense uses every legal strategy.

Should I Trust Edwards Law, PLLC, With a Felony DWI Case?

Doug Edwards founded Edwards Law, PLLC, after a successful career as a prosecuting attorney. He worked as a district attorney for over ten years and rose to First Assistant District Attorney of Buncombe County.

Mr. Edwards shifted his focus to defending those accused of crimes and opening a defense firm for criminal cases. He has awards from the Asheville Media Group and the National Trial Lawyers for his work as defense counsel.

Burnsville Felony DWI Lawyer

What Constitutes Felony DWI?

In North Carolina, the vast majority of DWI cases fall under the umbrella of a misdemeanor. Some laypeople assume a felony DWI occurs when the driver has a high blood alcohol content level, but there are only two times the state invokes its harshest penalty for driving while under the influence.

The first situation where a DWI rises to the level of a felony is when the accused is a repeat offender. The state issues a felony charge if a DWI is the fourth offense in ten years. The other scenario leading to a felony DWI in North Carolina is any action that caused severe injury or death to someone else.

DWI often comes with other charges, as the police will likely search your vehicle. You may be in possession of a firearm illegally or have a vehicular malfunction that the state can use to add charges to your ledger.

Charges and Sentencing

Felony DWI cases have the harshest penalties and will land the accused in jail if found guilty. North Carolina Sentencing guidelines allow a judge to send someone guilty of felony DWI to prison for one to three years. The judge also reserves the right to fine the defendant up to $10,000 for the crime. A felony DWI also comes with a revocation of driving privileges.

Related Crimes

The state often pairs DWI Felony charges with other felonies related to harming someone with a vehicle. These crimes will add more time to your potential sentence.

  • Serious Injury by Vehicle – This crime involves a driver harming another person but not killing them. A judge has sentencing guidelines in North Carolina allowing them to suspend the offender’s license for four years and place them in prison for just under five years. Any aggravating circumstances can lead to a judge upgrading this felony. The aggravated version of the crime gives the sentencing guidelines of permanent license revocation and seven years and four months in prison as a maximum penalty.
  • Death by Vehicle – Anyone who kills someone while driving, sober or otherwise, may be looking at a Death by Vehicle charge. Judges can permanently revoke the offender’s license and sentence them to prison for up to 17 years. The aggravated version of this felony contains similar sentencing guidelines.
  • Repeat Death by Vehicle – Law enforcement uses this charge when someone has a previous vehicular fatality on their record. The sentencing judge can permanently revoke the guilty party’s license and hand down a prison sentence of up to 40 years and four months.

Should You Hire a Lawyer to Deal With a Felony DWI Charge?

You need a Burnsville, NC, felony DWI attorney on your side when facing a high-stakes felony charge. Your attorney can attempt to negotiate a better deal for you or use a legal defense centered around law enforcement using improper methods during the arrest.

Even minors aren’t exempt from DWI laws and can benefit from legal representation. Hiring an attorney may be the difference between jail time and a not-guilty verdict.

FAQs About Burnsville, NC Felony DWI Law

How Likely Is Jail Time for a First DWI in North Carolina?

North Carolina allows for jail time for any DWI offense, regardless of severity or how many prior convictions the offender has. Many DWIs in the state fall under the umbrella of level 5, which is the lowest the state has. However, the great majority of people convicted by the state of a level 5 DWI only have probation, not jail time.

What Is the Difference Between a DUI and a DWI charges in North Carolina?

North Carolina does not distinguish between DUI and DWI like some states that consider them separate crimes. The state uses DWI as the official term for all legal purposes, but you’ll hear plenty of people refer to the crime as DUI colloquially.

Do I Need a Lawyer for DWI in NC?

While you can represent yourself in court, most people with legal knowledge consider hiring an attorney to be a top priority for DWI offenses. Your lawyer can advocate for you in court and attempt to get the court to reduce any potential sentence. An attorney may be able to help you avoid any jail time with the right defense.

How Much Does a DWI Lawyer Cost in NC?

The average DWI lawyer runs North Carolina residents around $2,500 when the client no longer needs the attorney’s services. The price fluctuates depending on where you are in North Carolina, how much experience the attorney has practicing criminal law, and what kind of service the attorney plans to provide.

Edwards Law, PLLC: Experienced DWI Defense Firm

A felony DWI on your record will harm future employment opportunities and chances of ever getting your driving privileges back. You need an experienced Burnsville, NC, felony DWI attorney and law firm on your side through all parts of the process.

Contact us today at Edwards Law, PLLC, for a free consultation and to begin working on your case.

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