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While a DWI is not as life-altering a charge as higher felonies, having DWI charges on your record will impact you for a long time. You will likely deal with increased insurance rates and a higher penalty for any offenses you commit afterward.

As soon as you have a DWI charge pending against you, you must talk to a Brevard, NC, felony DWI lawyer and law firm to discuss your case. Someone accused of DWI can see reduced or no charges with the right attorney and defense strategy. Luckily, Edwards Law, PLLC, can handle your Brevard, NC, DWI charges.

Can I Trust Edwards Law, PLLC, With a DWI Case?

Doug Edwards began his law career as a prosecutor in Buncombe County. He worked as an Assistant District Attorney for over ten years and handled a variety of trials. Mr. Edwards decided to put his criminal law knowledge to other uses; he began working as a defense attorney, serving Brevard, NC, and other areas in the state with legal defenses.

Mr. Edwards has received numerous awards for his work in law. The National Trial Lawyers ranked him as one of the top 40 attorneys under 40. The Asheville Media Group also honored him as one of the Best of Asheville in 2022.

Brevard Felony DWI Lawyer

Felony DWI: The Basics

DWIs in North Carolina typically fall into the category of misdemeanors. However, the state reserves the right to charge some offenders with a felony DWI. The North Carolina criminal laws outline two scenarios where the state charges a felony for a DWI. The accused must have three DWI convictions in the past ten years, or the impairment caused the death or serious injury of another person.

DWIs carry light sentences for first-time offenders with no record. Anyone charged with a felony DWI will be looking at a lot of jail time and a loss of their license. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety says offenders face a minimum of a year in jail, and the state may seize their vehicle. The department also says you cannot have a felony DWI sentence suspended.

For cases where the state finds someone guilty of a felony DWI for repeated infractions, they will likely only face a singular felony. For anyone who caused an injury while committing a DWI, they will likely be contending with multiple felonies. These possible felony charges include:

  • Serious Injury by Vehicle – Carries a maximum sentence of a four-year driver’s license suspension and up to 59 months in prison
  • Death by Vehicle – Possible permanent revocation of driver’s license and a maximum prison sentence of 204 months
  • Aggravated Serious Injury by Vehicle – Possible permanent revocation of one’s license and a possible sentence of 88 months
  • Aggravated Death by Vehicle – Similar penalty to Death by Vehicle

All of these felony charges will come in addition to the DWI charge.

Should I Hire a Lawyer When Facing a North Carolina DWI Arrest?

Yes, you should hire a lawyer after being arrested for a DWI. Although DWI charges are common in North Carolina, it’s difficult to prove your innocence of the crime. Most of the defense strategies rely on a nuanced understanding of the law and a subtle approach.

North Carolina and American laws allow anyone to represent themselves in a court case, regardless of its criminal or civil nature. Skipping on a lawyer or retaining a public defender may seem like a good way to save money, but you may end up paying for the decision with a lengthy jail term.

An experienced Brevard, NC, DWI attorney and law firm will be able to explain the situation and get you a more favorable outcome.

DWI Defenses in North Carolina

The most common DWI defenses argue something improper happened during the arrest. The police may not have indicated to a driver they had the right to an attorney after the arrest, or the officers may not have had any reasonable cause to begin a traffic stop.

You can explain your situation to your attorney to attempt to formulate a defense based on any illegal activity during the arrest and interrogation.

FAQs About Brevard, NC Felony DWI Laws

How Do I Get My DWI Dismissed in NC?

Getting a DWI dismissed in North Carolina requires a solid legal defense. Your attorney may argue the arresting officer had no probable cause to pull you over in the first place, or you may make a legal defense around the fact the police mishandled something like the blood test or field sobriety test.

Is a Lawyer Necessary for an NC DWI?

The law allows anyone to stand in court and represent themselves. However, no one with legal knowledge will recommend this option to anyone. Trying to avoid the penalty for a DWI will require a deep understanding of the law, something a layperson is unlikely to possess. Hiring an experienced Brevard, NC, attorney will give you a chance in court.

How Much Are DUI Lawyer Fees in NC?

Attorney fees will vary depending on the experience level of the attorney and their location. Attorneys set their rates independently of each other, but the average legal fee for a DWI will sit around $2,500. Some law firms, like Edwards Law, provide free consultations to prospective clients, allowing you to save money and get a general overview of the case.

Do You Lose Your License for a First DUI in NC?

Yes, you can lose your driving privileges after your first DUI in North Carolina. The maximum revocation period is one year, but those convicted of a DWI can apply for limited driving privileges. These privileges allow someone to drive during specific hours to get to work or pick up necessities. An attorney can help you navigate the license revocation process and fight to keep your driving privileges.

Edwards Law, PLLC: North Carolina DWI Attorney You Can Count On

DWIs are no laughing matter in North Carolina, and you need an attorney who will work with you to try and mount a defense against the charge. A DWI conviction can lead to jail time, fines, and the loss of driving privileges.

Don’t gamble with letting just anyone handle your DWI defense. Contact us at Edwards Law, PLLC, today for a free consultation.

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