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Dealing with criminal charges is serious, as a conviction could determine the outcome of the rest of your life. You need someone in your corner to provide insight, help build your defense, and be consistent at a time when things are out of your control. That’s what a defense lawyer can provide. If you are facing criminal charges in Fairview, seek out a Fairview criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can.

At Edwards Law, PLLC, our founding attorney is a Board-Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law. His extensive knowledge and experience in criminal court can benefit your criminal case. Whether you’ve been charged with theft or drug trafficking, our legal team is prepared to assist you.

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What Falls Under Criminal Defense in North Carolina?

Every criminal defense case in Fairview, NC necessitates the services of a criminal defense attorney. Here is a brief list of some of the specific crimes that would encourage the accused to consult a lawyer:

  • Violent Crime: Violent crimes are defined as crimes that are directed at specific people through bodily harm. Facing a violent crime charge means severe penalties, and if you find yourself being charged with or investigated for any of the following violent crimes, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer immediately:
    • Murder
    • Assault
    • Rape
    • Manslaughter
    • Domestic Violence
    • Kidnapping
    • Robbery
    • Spousal Abuse
    • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Drug Crime: Drug crimes are taken particularly seriously in North Carolina, with drug offenders often being made examples of in criminal court. If you are facing charges for any of the following drug crimes or are even being investigated for them, contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. This is not something you can handle by yourself:
    • Drug Possession
    • Drug Trafficking
    • Drug Manufacturing
    • Prescription Fraud
    • Drug Dealing
  • DWI Crimes: Driving under the influence of any substance can result in life-changing penalties if you are found guilty. You can face serious jail time, hefty fines, a loss of your driver’s license, an ignition interlock device, and potentially irreparable damage to your reputation. If you are being charged with a DWI or a crime related to a DWI, reach out to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Traits to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Forging a relationship with your lawyer is an important aspect of finding representation. There must be elements of trust and respect. After all, the criminal defense lawyer you retain will likely be the main deciding factor between your freedom and your possible incarceration. Here are some traits you can look for when deciding on a criminal defense attorney:

  • Integrity: You’ll want someone who you can trust and who will devote their skills to helping you avoid conviction and severe penalties.
  • Experience: You’ll want a criminal defense lawyer who has seen an extensive amount of legal action. Someone who has a solid winning record can provide the most informed legal representation. There is no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to the law.
  • Communication: You’ll want a lawyer who is prepared to provide open and honest communication. To foster the lawyer/client relationship, both parties must be willing to be totally honest and upfront about everything. A miscommunication could harm your case.


Q: What Standard of Proof Is Necessary to Find a Defendant Guilty as Charged?

A: The standard of proof that is necessary to find a defendant guilty as charged in any criminal trial is that the prosecution must prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means the evidence against the defendant is so strong and irrefutable that there is no doubt they committed the crime at hand. However, that must be proven in court, and your defense lawyer’s job is to prove reasonable doubt.

Q: What Are the Two Ways That Charges May Be Filed Against a Defendant?

A: There are two ways that charges can be brought against a defendant in a United States criminal court. The first is through an indictment, which is a written accusation proposed by a grand jury that officially charges the defendant with the offense in question. The second is through a bill of information, which is similar to an indictment, but it comes from a judge rather than a grand jury.

Q: What Must Be Proven to Win a Case?

A: In order to win a criminal case in a United States court, the prosecution must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If, by the trial’s end, there is still reasonable doubt, then the defense has a significant chance of winning the case. The prosecution will use gathered evidence, witness testimony, expert witness testimony, and compelling arguments to convince a jury that the defendant is guilty. The defense will use the same techniques to prove the exact opposite.

Q: What Are the Three Burdens of Proof?

A: The three burdens of proof are proof beyond a reasonable doubt, clear and convincing evidence, and a preponderance of evidence.

  • Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt – There is no other reasonable explanation for the crime aside from the defendant’s guilt.
  • Clear and Convincing Evidence – The evidence must show that the plaintiff’s assertion is highly probable. This is used in certain civil cases.
  • Preponderance of Evidence – By using a preponderance standard, the plaintiff must prove their case is more likely than not true. This is applicable to most civil cases.

Q: Can a Person Be Found Guilty Without Evidence?

A: A person should not be found guilty without evidence. For a defendant to be found guilty, there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt of their guilt. This cannot exist without evidence. Evidence comes in many forms, including physical evidence like DNA and witness testimony from those at the scene of the crime. If there is no evidence, it is highly unlikely that a jury will find a defendant guilty. However, prosecutors would be unlikely to file charges without any evidence whatsoever.

Find the Criminal Defense Attorney You Need

The legal team at Edwards Law, PLLC, is more than prepared to aid you in your fight against the prosecution. Facing criminal charges can be devastating, but we can help you make sense of your situation and prepare for your next steps. You do not have to face this terrifying situation alone.

Consider all your options and let us guide you through the process at hand. Contact us to schedule a consultation today. Together, we can work toward an optimal outcome.

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