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Being charged with a crime of any kind can be life-changing, emotional, and leave you with many unanswered questions. The thought of penalties that include fines, prison time, or more can be frightening. However, your criminal charges do not mean that you are guilty of the crime. There is a long process to get to the point of being found guilty, and, with the right defense attorney, your fears and worries can be relieved.

At Doug Edwards Law, we specialize in criminal defense for any type of case you may be facing. Our knowledge and experience means that we know the right tools and resources to use to help defend you. North Carolina has some of the toughest laws in the country for criminal convictions. Our goal is to make sure that your rights are protected, that your charges are based on proper evidence, and that you receive the best representation possible.

Types of Cases We Handle

No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, you deserve the best defense. That means you should have a criminal defense attorney with a wide range of expertise. Many charges are not singular and can have others added on. Knowing this, we make it our job to understand the laws to help protect you from lengthy or unnecessary jail time, excessive fines, probation, or other penalties. Many of the cases we handle include:

  • Misdemeanor Offenses: From minor drug offenses to moving traffic violations, misdemeanors should not be taken lightly. In many cases, you could still face jail time, excessive fines, and even the loss of certain privileges, such as driving.
  • Gun Offenses: Gun charges can carry heavy penalties. Examples of gun charges include carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of a firearm by a felon, or possessing a firearm in a location where weapons are not allowed, such as on school grounds. Although some gun charges are misdemeanors, many gun charges could result in penalties that include up to 10 years in prison.
  • Drug Crimes: With penalties that could include decades of prison time, drug charges should not be taken lightly. From possession to trafficking to selling, the type of drug charge and the type of drug involved can be critical to the outcome of your case.
  • Theft Crimes: Although some charges, such as shoplifting or larceny, could be considered misdemeanors, robbery is a felony that could have a prison term with a minimum of 4 years. Additional circumstances surrounding the crime, such as the use of a weapon, could change the penalties you could face.
  • Violent Crimes and Assaults: There are many different types of crimes that are classified here. The most severe are homicide or manslaughter. The penalties for these types of felonies are determined by the circumstances of the case. If, for example, your crime is classified as involuntary, your prison sentence could be one to ten years. However, if it is deemed intentional, you could spend the rest of your life in prison.
  • Sexual Assaults: Considered amongst the most grievous of crimes in North Carolina, crimes such as rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse could put you in prison for life. However, even beyond that, you could find yourself on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry, which will follow you for a lifetime.
  • Domestic Violence: In North Carolina, domestic violence is charged as the specific crime that was committed. That means if you assault your spouse, you will be charged with assault. However, the added consequences include protective orders filed against you, loss of child custody, and even the loss of the home you shared with others.
  • Probation Violations: Whether you missed an appointment with a probation officer, failed to pay appropriate fines, or lost employment during probation, there are many ways you could violate the terms of probation. The consequences could result in an extension of your probation or a revocation of probation. This could result in the initial penalty for your charge being put back in place.
  • White-Collar Crimes: Crimes such as embezzlement or credit card fraud are considered white-collar crimes. In addition to prison terms, the consequences for such cases could also include fines and restitution to the victim.
  • Expungement: Certain crimes in North Carolina qualify for expunction from your record, which could aid in finding employment, housing, or continuing your education. The type of crime and the circumstances surrounding it will determine who is eligible.

Long-Term Consequences for Criminal Convictions

While prison terms and fines are most often associated with criminal convictions, there are many other consequences that you could face that would impact your daily life after prison. These consequences are not issued by a court but are the challenges you face in society because of the reputation you may have as a convicted criminal. Examples of these consequences include:

  • Loss of employment or difficulty obtaining employment
  • Loss of home or difficulty obtaining housing
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Losing custody of children or losing visitation rights with them
  • Loss of gun rights
  • Losing the right to vote
  • Dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Difficulties in obtaining loans

We know that serving the penalties of your criminal convictions does not define who you are. These are the results of the stigmas that could arise when engaging with others.

Contact Asheville Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, our defense attorneys are ready to help. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you are hiring a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals who consider the person or persons involved. We know that your charges could be life-altering, and so we bring an aggressive, determined, and unique defense to your case.

When our team takes your case, we examine every aspect of it to be sure that your rights have not been violated, that the circumstances of your arrest were done properly, and that the evidence, witness statements, and police reports match the charges. Based on that information, we strive to have your charges reduced, dismissed, or reach an outright acquittal.

If you have been charged with a crime in Asheville, contact our offices and let the team at Doug Edwards Law get to work for you.

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